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Sisters Carpet Removal

Planning on getting new flooring installed but your old, drab, and soiled-looking carpet is getting in the way? It’s about time you get rid of it and have it disposed of for good. Unfortunately, pulling up and hauling away old carpeting isn’t a job that everybody would want to do. Not only is it back-breaking work, but it can also be time-consuming too. For your Sisters Oregon carpet removal needs, we’re here to help.

Having been in the junk removal business for a long time, we specialize in carpet removal to make it easier for homeowners to get their floors updated without the hassle and the inconvenience of having to remove and dispose of their unwanted carpets on their own. We have trained carpet removal experts who will be more than happy to take on the job. Equipped with the right tools, we can get your unwanted carpet pulled up and hauled away in no time, paving the way for your new floors to get fitted in.

We make sure that we are disposing your junk and unwanted carpets the right way. We will even take care of hauling it to the correct facilities, taking away the pressure, hassle and inconvenience off your shoulders in the process. More importantly, we will not just haul your old carpets away, we will see to it that the site is properly cleaned up as well. If you have unwanted furniture and other rubbish lying about, we’ll be more than happy to haul them away for you too. Call us today to learn more about our carpet removal services!

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